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Basic Korean Phrases

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ID / TitleCategory 1Category 2Level / Comments
0033. I want that dish to be less spicy. Asking Dining / Food Basic / Travel 
0032. Be quiet! Teaching Command Basic /  
0031. Read the directions first, then do the work Teaching Command Basic / Teaching 
0030. I am not that bad of a guy Excuse General Basic /  
0029. I have a lot of homework School Work Basic /  
0028. Are you Korean? Simple Question Dining / Food Basic / Travel 
0027. Self Introduction Self introduction Introducing Basic / Travel 
0026. Who are those people? nurses? or doctors? 5W1H Question Emergency Basic / 
0025. When they call your name Call name General Basic / Travel 
0024. What is it? 5W1H Question General Basic / Travel 
0023. 'Do you have ~ ?' pattern in Korean Simple Question Shopping Basic / Travel 
0022. What time does the restaurant open? Time Dining / Food Basic / Travel 
0020. What does it mean by "님" [Nim] in Korean? Naming General Basic /  
0019. Family Names in Korean (both parents sides) Naming Family Basic /  
0018. Trip to Hospital Transportation Emergency Basic / Travel 
0017. se7en fan signing session Celebrity Cheering Basic /  
0016. Let's go eat! Dining / Food Asking Basic / 
0015. I am so happy! Happy Emotions Basic /  
0014. Colors in Korean for Shopping Purpose Color Shopping Basic / Travel / General 
0013. No Hot Water Comes Out! House Maintenance Asking Basic / Travel / Living 
0012. Oops! I did it again! Mistake Exclamatory Phases Basic /  
0011. Come ASAP! Asking General Basic / Inviting 
0010. Is there ~ ? pattern in Korean Simple Question Shopping Basic / Travel 
0009. "I would like to ~" pattern in Korean Want Internet related Basic / Travel 
0008. How to say I love you in Korean Romance Emotions Basic / Travel / Love 
0007. At Dining Table in Korea Dining / Food Thank you Basic / Manners 
0006. Who, When, Where, What, Why, and How? 5W1H Question General Basic / Travel 
0005. Help me! Directions Help Basic / Travel 
0004. Where is the bath room ? Directions General Basic / Travel 
0003. I can't speak Korean very well Language Excuse Basic / Travel 
0002. How much is this?, Give me some ~? Shopping Dining / Food Basic / Travel 
0001. Hello, Yes, No, I'm sorry and more - Basic Greeting Thank you Basic / Travel  
Showing 32 items